Season Tickets on Sale!

We are pleased to announce that our season tickets for the coming season are now on sale! As a club we are about to embark on an exciting journey. During the close season, we have restructured the organisation to make it fit for our aims and ambitions. On the pitch, we have a first-class manager and coaching team who have attracted an excellent playing squad for the new season.  Off the pitch the club has been strengthened by the addition of high-level management support; individuals successful in business and experienced in the football industry.
A town the size of Guildford deserves a strong football club competing with our local neighbours at Aldershot and Woking. We want that journey to start now, and we’d like you to come on the journey with us.  As a first step buying a season ticket at the special prices indicated will show your support.
You can pay for the season ticket via direct payment or via post with a cheque. If you choose the direct payment method then please email your details required on the form to
Thank you and we hope to see you at the Spectrum in August!