Post-Match Interviews – Win at Frimley Green – D.Chislett, J.Taylor & Kane FM’s J.Cooper

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On a blustery cold Saturday afternoon Guildford City recorded their third league win in as many games away at Frimley Green, the last time Guildford City achieved this was in November 2012.

Guildford City’s interviewer Ian Plested spoke with City’s manager Donovan Chislett, defender Jordan Taylor and he always spoke with Kane FM’s Saturday Breakfast show host Julian Cooper.

Guildford’s manager Donovan Chislett spoke to Ian about the match, the team’s performance and the upcoming game on Wednesday at home to Farnham Town. He also talked about the fantastic support that the team have been receiving from the fans, home and away.

You can listen to the interview here

Defender Jordan Taylor talked to Ian about the game, how well the defence and the team as whole are playing well together.

You can listen to the interview here

Ian caught up with Kane FM’s Julian Cooper after the match, to give his reaction on the match, which he and former Wimbledon player & current Frimley Green manager Andy Clement present on a Saturday morning.

You can listen to the jovial interview here

Guildford City host Farnham Town tomorrow night (Weds 25th March) at the Spectrum Ground – Kick off is 7.45pm.