City’s Global Reach

Those of us involved as volunteers at Guildford City believe our allegiance is with a special club. Our forefathers in this town had the opportunity of following one of non-league football’s best teams, before it was cruelly taken away by what at best could be described as dubious tactics within both  local authority and individuals on the board of directors at the time. Subsequent firm promises of a replacement ground were conveniently forgotten, and Guildford City FC drifted into oblivion. Some 20 years later the club resurfaced with former supporters amongst the committee. Today the club still has a number of officials who watched City back in their pomp, including our new Chairman. In the recent past it is true to say that we haven’t been hitting the headlines for our football. But the truth is off the pitch we are making positive strides, and we are working hard to give the playing side chance to catch up. 

We passionately believe that this club has a considerable latent support. We glimpsed it briefly in 2017 against Woking when the roar that followed City’s goal would have been heard in Joseph’s Road. We know also from our internet and social media presence.  We have more Twitter followers than most clubs at Step 5, and many at Step 4. Our internet reach is also impressive. Between the 8th – 14th June we had 459 individuals visit the site a total of 1395 times. We had visits on more than one occasion from each of Singapore, Bermuda, Australia, USA, South Africa, France, Spain, Malta, Cyprus, Sweden, Hong Kong, Pakistan, and Norway. 

Of course, it would be great to see more people through the gate on matchdays, and that is our key objective for this season. But ex-Guildford people now living in other parts of the country or overseas, and also interested football fans from the international community can still support this club. We are delighted to see you visit our website, but you can go a stage further and visit our virtual club shop, or perhaps sign up for our new 100+ club. 

With all of your help we can look forward to a brighter future. A future that our forefathers would have approved of.