Easyfundraising is a way to help the club raise money from your online shopping without any extra cost to you.  It simply involves registering as a supporter of Guildford City FC with an external company, then visiting online shops through the links on their page.  All completed transactions via the Guildford City Easyfundraising site will generate money for the club.  You can also use Easysearch to earn 0.5p for every online search you make, at absolutely no cost to yourself!

How do I use Easyfundraising?

The first step is to register at
Click ‘Not Registered?’ form the sign in box on the left hand side and fill in your details, making sure ‘Guildford City Football Club’ is chosen as your cause.  Once you register successfully and sign in, you’re ready to get going!  You will need ot be signed in everytime you visit the site to earn money for the club, so if you can, select ‘Remember Me’ to be automatically logged in.

Next you can see the list of shops available using the A-Z of retailers.  Most of the big names of online shopping are there, including:

Amazon, Argos, B&Q, Boots, Comet, Debenhams, Dell, eBay, Expedia, John Lewis, Late Rooms, Littlewoods, Marks & Spencers, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Thomas Cook, Virgin, WH Smith as well as many others. It’s not just limited to shops either, there are plenty of other services on there, including insurance and energy providers.

A good rule of thumb is – whenever you are about to buy something online, check the Guildford City Easyfundraising page to see if the retailer offers a contribution to our fund! But please remember that you have to go through the Easyfundraising link first, before paying at the checkout.

  • About to buy a new electrical appliance online?  Investigate your best price and then go through Easyfundraising to buy!
  • Buying something on eBay?  Follow the Easyfundraising link!
  • Going away?  There are plenty of hotels, travel companies and travel agents using Easyfundraising.
  • Changing a utility provider?  Try Easyfundraising once you know who will give you the best price.
  • Buying some new clothes?  There’s a plethora of clothing shops on Easyfundraising – for men and women.

Once the transaction goes through, it will be credited to Guildford City’s account.  Easy!

How do I use Easysearch?

Easysearch combines some of the top search engines into one single search site – and donates 0.5p to the club every time you use it.  That may not sound a lot, but think about the huge number of searches we make each month!

You can search using the dedicated page at:  Bookmark this and use instead of typing in…  or if you really like Google you could use Guildford City Easysearch to search “Google”!

If you use Internet Explorer or Firefox, you can add the Easysearch search bar into your browser.  Do this by choosing ‘Manage Search Engines/Providers’ from the drop down list near your search bar, and using the link above.

Does it work?

It works magnificently – the club has raised over £300 with just a handful of users.  Your help could make a real difference!

How do other clubs get in on this?

It’s all free to setup and run, the club and the users pay nothing at all!  If you are thinking of setting up your own account, please do so using our referral link which will give us a little reward for introducing you to the scheme (again, at no cost to you!).