Social Distancing at Matches

On Monday 14 September the FA met with representatives from all Step 5 and 6 leagues to discuss the start of the season and the current Covid situation. The FA message was clear. Being able to play football at the moment with spectators, has to be regarded as a privilege, given that so many other sporting and entertainment activities are shut down to audiences and spectators. It is vital that clubs and just as importantly, players and management, and, indeed spectators, adhere to the guidelines, especially in the area of social distancing off the pitch, e.g. in dressing rooms, watching the match and so on.
It is clear that for football with spectators to continue at CCL level we must ensure that protocols are not being disregarded. The CCL themselves have said “Our clubs and indeed most clubs in the country have been superb in the publication of their risk assessments, many of a high quality, but if the provisions are disregarded the consequences could be bad for all of us.”

City’s next home game is on Saturday 26th of September versus Spelthorne Sports. Tickets available: