Club Officials

For general enquiries please contact


  • President: Dennis May
  • Life Vice-Presidents: Paul Milton, Chris Pegman, Eddie Russell, Ros Russell, Mark Redhead
  • Vice-Presidents: John Brown, Tony Shaw, Matt Howell, Andy Masters

Executive Committee

  • Chairman: David Knight
  • Vice-Chairman: Kevin Parker
  • Club Secretary: Barry Underwood MBE

Non-Executive Committee

  • Commercial Manager: Louise Woodhatch
  • Head of Media: Barry Underwood MBE
  • Marketing: Dylan Thomas
  • Junior Liaison: Phil Smithyes
  • Catering Manager: Emma Miller

General Committee

  • Website Manager: Jack Underwood
  • Programme Editor: Barry Underwood MBE
  • Social Media: Jack Underwood & Ian Plested
  • Public Address: Tom Hudson
  • Club Photographer: Paul Burgman & Chris Pegman

Ray Langrish, Brian Holt and Ian Plested