GCFC Attendances 2010-15

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Guildford-City-FC-Football-Club-Surrey-Featured-Image-Sweeney-Sunby Barry Underwood

A review of home attendances over the last five seasons shows that the club’s work to increase attendances at the Spectrum is having some reward. In 2010-11, a season in which we won the CCL Championship, our average attendance was just 71, and included just two games where we boasted an attendance of more than 100. Compare that figure with this season’s average of 99, when of course we lingered for the majority of the year at the foot of the table when you might normally expect attendances to suffer. The following year in 2011-12, when Kevin Rayner’s side won the CCL Championship for a second consecutive year, our average attendances rose to a healthier 88, but still well short of this season’s average of 99. Promotion to the Southern League in 2012 saw attendances rise with a derby crowd of 239 against Godalming certainly helping to bump up the average to 98. Our unhappiness in being switched to the Southern S&W division in 2013 is well documented, and a combination of a poor season on the pitch, and reduction in travelling supporters coming to the Spectrum saw the average attendance drop back to 84.

So over several years the trend in attendances, bar the S&W blip, has been upward. This has been no accident. Over the last few years members of the committee have worked hard to increase awareness and interest in the club. We have raised our profile by looking increasingly professional with a high quality match day programme, impressive match tickets, an attractive and informative website that includes regular match reports, player interviews and superb photographs. We have also utilized social media effectively and on Twitter we have over 4,000 followers. We also have a presence in the town centre on a monthly basis at the Farmers’ Market. All of this activity is aimed at our image and showing potential spectators and sponsors that we are an efficient and well-run club, and that we are worthy of supporting. In addition we have actively encouraged our own Junior section members to attend matches with their parents via half-time matches on the pitch, or by forming links with charities like the Halow Project and encouraging their members to attend.

For next season the work to increase attendances will go on. We will reinvigorate our distribution of match day posters, and I am working currently on an arrangement with Age UK that will encourage lonely people to get out of the house to join with the Sweeney to support us at our home matches. Of course an entertaining and successful team on the pitch will greatly assist the crowd building process, especially with a large proportion of locally based players. With any luck we will be able to celebrate this time next season our average attendance rising above 100 for the first time since the reformation of the club in 1996.

Attendances 2014-15
(Combined Counties Games only)
League position – 17th
Aggregate League Attendance – 1,988
Matches played – 20
Average League Attendance – 99
Highest League Attendance – 173
Lowest League Attendance – 68
Home attendances of 100+ – 10

Attendances 2013-14
(Southern League Division One S&W Games only)
League Position – 22nd
Aggregate League Attendance – 1,754
Matches played – 21
Average League Attendance – 84
Highest League Attendance – 163
Lowest League Attendance – 60
Home attendances of 100+ – 3

Attendances 2012-13
(Southern League Division One Central Games only)
League Position – 9th
Aggregate League Attendance – 2,049
Matches played – 21
Average League Attendance – 98
Highest League Attendance – 239
Lowest League Attendance – 68
Home attendances of 100+ – 7

Attendances 2011-12
(Combined Counties Games only)
League Position -1st
Aggregate League Attendance – 1,852
Matches played – 21
Average League Attendance – 88
Highest League Attendance – 172
Lowest League Attendance – 46
Home attendances of 100+ – 6

Attendances 2010-11
(Combined Counties Games only)
League Position – 1st
Aggregate League Attendance – 1,420
Matches played – 20
Average League Attendance – 71
Highest League Attendance – 121
Lowest League Attendance – 41
Home attendances of 100+ – 2