Paulton Rovers v GCFC: Match Preview

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16/11/2013  15:20.  Guildford City FC v Paulton Rovers. City's GEORGE BOWERMAN scores
16/11/2013 15:20. Guildford City FC v Paulton Rovers. City’s GEORGE BOWERMAN scores

Guildford City once more head out to the M4, this time to 4th in the league Paulton Rover’s Athletic Ground. Right in the heart of Midsomer Murders country. Let’s just hope that we won’t require the services of DCI Tom Barnaby & The Midsomer Rozzers.

Paulton Rovers visited the Spectrum back in the middle of November, and ran out 1-3 winners, reading the match report they probably just about deserved it, City had a number of chances but were unable to convert them. This Guildford City team is a very different team from the one that hosted Paulton, hopefully we shall take the game to them and convert more  chances.

City head to Paulton on the back of 2 Wins, 1 Draw & 2 Defeats since the turn of the new year & Paulton’s record is 1 Win, 2 Draws & 3 Defeats in the same period.

So what have we learned so far this season? Well, a) The M4 is probably the dullest motorway in the South of England, and we know almost every bump & pothole of its entire length. b) The English bit is 123 miles long & we have travelled all of it except the section east of the A329M. c)  This division is a joke for travelling. d) 9 Seater minibuses are a lot more fun to drive than governed 17 seaters.

Anyway, UP THE CITY!