Club Officials

For general enquiries please contact info@guildfordcityfc.co.uk


  • Honorary Freeman Bill Bellerby MBE
  • Alderman John Woodhatch


  • President: Paul Milton
  • Vice-Presidents: Shahid Azeem, John Brown, Dennis May, Tony Shaw, Matt Howell, Andy Masters

Executive Committee

  • Chairman: Mark Redhead
  • Vice-Chairman: Kevin Parker
  • Club Secretary: Barry Underwood <a href="mailto:Barry Underwood “>[Contact here]
  • Treasurer: Eddie Russell

Non-Executive Committee

  • Commercial Manager: Kevin Parker [Contact here]
  • Press and Publicity Officer: Barry Underwood <a href="mailto:Barry Underwood “>[Contact here]
  • Catering Manager: Ros Russell

General Committee

  • Website Managers: Paul Burgman [Contact Here], Chris Pegman [Contact here]
  • Programme Editor: Lisa Harding 
  • Club Statisticians: Chris Lucas and Andy Masters
  • Public Address: Ian Plested

Andy Backhurst, Ian Plested, Chris Read, Chris Pegman, Alan Wyle.

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Tues 1st December

KO - 19.45hrs

British Army

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